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CYBERALARM – Die Alarmanlage für Ihre IT-Sicherheit   |   Preise & Lizenzen


Simple, effective and affordable.



Even in smaller companies with up to 10 employees, the average damage caused by cyber attacks was just over EUR 8,000 per employee, according to a recent study by the insurance industry.

Unfortunately, most companies are inadequately prepared for emergencies. There is an urgent need to catch up, otherwise it can get really expensive. Protect your company now with CYBERALARM!

In order to better protect your company data, we have developed the world’s first alarm system for IT security . A cyber alarm system for intrusion detection. 

This alarm system for your computer was programmed in Austria and can be installed on any Windows device without any IT knowledge . It provides immediate protection against otherwise undetected hacker attacks.

CYBERALARM is a recommended protective measure against cybercrime in the environment of SMEs and micro -enterprises.  The number of CYBERALARM licenses per company is limited to 100  devices.

The keyword is: deception.
The digital alarm system actually works like a real alarm system. In addition, the digital alarm system lays out special lures, with which hackers are diverted and ultimately get nothing:


In the event of a real attack scenario, an alarm is triggered immediately.

Isolation of the attacker

The hacker is "disarmed", isolated and his attack attempt foiled.

Emergency assistance

You will immediately receive instructions from our security specialists.

Determine number of devices
How many individual Windows computers (devices) in your company or in your home office would you like to protect?
Order licenses online
You can order the number of licenses you need conveniently and directly online at the bottom of this page.
After ordering, you will receive the link to the software by email and enjoy 12 months of protection from the date of purchase.

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Only 35 Euro per year per device


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Now - what do you say?

Would you expose your business to avoidable risks?
your cyber alarm system here today  and protect your company.

Simple, effective and afordable.

Payment options:

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Helpful questions and answers

Virus scanners only detect known malware and viruses. CYBERALARM can detect hacker attacks that are not yet detected by virus scanners.

Hacker attacks are detected where the hacker managed to compromise one of your Windows computers and penetrates your network.

Currently all Windows operating systems (both for clients and servers), Linux and MacOS are in preparation. We will be happy to inform you as soon as further systems are supported. Please send us an e-mail about this .

In an emergency, you will immediately receive an e-mail with information about which computer and user is affected, as well as initial recommendations for action.

That depends on the particular Incident Response Service Partner you use for such cases. 
The software is easy to install yourself. See our installation instructions for this .
You download the installation file and start the installation with a double click. The software then installs itself automatically within seconds. At the end you will get a message that the installation of the cyber alarm system was successful.

The software runs on all Windows computers with a 64-bit processor and Windows 7 or higher as operating system.

A device is any client (e.g. computer) and server with a Windows operating system.

Just add all the clients and servers running Windows operating systems together and you have the number of licenses you need.

Yes, licenses renew automatically unless canceled 30 days before expiration.

For larger companies we have another version of the software. Please contact us at

To get more information, please feel free to  contact For more details on deception technology please visit